5 ways to build resilience

If you've ever run a long distance race, you know that running isn't just a physical challenge, it's also a test of your mental toughness.Whether you're training for your next half horse or your first full marathon, don't forget to train your mental endurance as well as your physical strength and cardiopulmonary endurance.

 Focusing, relaxing, keeping your eyes on your goals, and developing mental strength can help in many areas of your life, such as your work, your family, and your own fitness.Resilience in fitness is about developing the right mindset, as well as the right strategies to keep yourself both focused and relaxed, so you can get the most out of your workout.Training for long distance runs has a lot to offer from mental training.


Do you know psychological training?

 Mental training was first developed in sports psychology, the purpose of which was to teach athletes to adjust and control their movements by imagining the confrontation in the competition before the competition.Today, mental training has become an important part of athletic training, which is often used to relieve the pressure of athletes before the race and keep them calm during the race.Coaches have now found that about 50 percent of beating an opponent of equal ability in a match depends on mental preparation.


5 Ways to Improve Running Mental Toughness

 What should we be thinking about while running?How do we stay mentally focused on a boring long run without getting bored?There are some mental tricks you can use to get the most out of your running and really enjoy it.Here are 5 simple ways to increase your mental strength while running.


1. Visualize your goals

 Visualizing nothingness is an important tool in mental training, which can help us develop mental functions and help us achieve our fitness goals.Before you start your long run and while you're training, mentally picture yourself crossing the finish line, or break up your run into shorter sections, and give yourself a big mental celebration each time you complete a short goal to keep going.

 2.Talk to yourself

 A 2014 study showed that talking to yourself helps prevent fatigue during training and improves endurance performance.You can motivate yourself by talking to yourself, because you know best what you want to hear at that moment and what motivates you the most.


3. Distract yourself

 If your muscles get tired while you're training, are you willing to stop and lie down?Of course we don't, and that would be a waste of all our training.When you feel tired, try to distract yourself by counting the street lights, the plants and the dog.Try daydreaming about the things you really want, the people you want to meet, the things that will make you feel good -- anything that will make you feel good.

 4. Meditation

 You can focus on your breathing as you run, and if you can, adjust your breathing to match the pace of your running, which will help you maintain a steady pace.

 You don't have to lie quietly like yoga to meditate, even if you are in the process of intense running, as long as you put your attention on one thing, let your mind calm down, will let your brain wave out a happy, calm state, this is also a meditation.Effective meditation during running can help you overcome mental boredom and relieve physical fatigue.

 5. Expect to cross the line

 Now you can get a little more visual about what you want to do after your long run.If you have time before your run, make sure you have some post-run snacks in advance to give yourself a sense of expected post-run satisfaction.Or, imagine relaxing on the couch after a run, exhausted but satisfied with the food, the couch, the massage, and the shower.

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